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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3) - Richelle Mead 4.5 stars.

I know, some of you may be thinking how could I give this book a 4.5 star rating, especially with a cliffhanger like that. Well, it was because that when Lissa said, "You love him more than me," I didn't really like that. Lissa and Rose have been together since nearly childbirth and in the elapse time of six months, Rose loves Dimitri more than Lissa. I understand, but I wish she'd had denied it. I don't like it when girls love their boyfriend more than their eternal best friend.


I think I pretty much liked everything about this book. Rose actually kind of grew up from the romance-deprived teen she was in Frostbite, and she definitely did get her ass back together: which, while she did, Hermione here was screaming her butt off in happiness.

Good job, Mead.

Another thing I'd like to point: they finally did what everyone wanted to do.

I'll just leave it at that. Oh, wait, no I won't: I WAS LIKE OMFG SPAZZING LIKE OH MY BALLS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT YAYYY.

There. Now I'll leave it at that.

i'm pretty sure you all guessed it but are in denial~

Anyway, that ending. Phew. Um, I didn't see that thing happening with Dimitri coming -- or I did, but I guess I didn't want to think about it? I'm the in-denial-until-the-actual-thing-happens sort. Which is bad, because then I'm crying and sobbing and sniffling all over these precious books and the next person who checks them out might end up with the flu.


just kidding >__>

I have a twisted sense of humor, I know.

UM BUT WOW. Total tease there, Ms. Mead. /waggles fingers And as usual, Richelle Mead is awesome so I absolutely adored this book. ;)