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Promised - Caragh M. O'Brien 4 stars. After three years of complete obsessions, spazzing, and other things that are unbeknownst to the human world, this wonderful, delightful series has achingly, sadly, come to an end. Except, you all must be thinking, what did this series have that makes it so spazz-worthy? Fangirl-worthy?

That, my dear friends, is Gaia Stone.

Gaia Stone completely stole my heart in Birthmarked, the book that allowed my entrance into the world of YA dystopian fiction. I had the pleasure of having a delightful time with it, and now, after I've reread it three times, I find that my feels that were once present have increased.

Prized may have not been the best. So I'll skip over this stain.

I held high expectations for Ms. O'Brien to "fix" her characters into the right shape, just as they were in book one. I can say that I was definitely not disappointed, as my expectations were quite high!

In Promised, Gaia Stone, the new leader of New Sylum, leads her people back to the Enclave in hopes of better lives. Instead, she finds the Enclave in the hands of chaos with rebellions in little corners and hemophilia killing off babies in drastic numbers. Gaia then finds out that she has the anti-hemophilia gene that the Enclave has been looking for - a gene that they believe that can end the problems surrounding them.

Here's what I'll say:

1. I really liked this book. I really did.
2. Gaia really stepped up as a leader, and I LOVED that.
3. I absolutely adored the romance between Gaia and Leon. They are SO CUTE TOGETHER.
4. This series was my entrance to the YA dystopian world three years back, so perhaps that is why it holds such significance to me.
5. We got a bittersweet ending - not too sad, but not too happy either. I really like that. It's a very realistic ending.
6. There wasn't anything that I didn't like about it.

I really, really liked this series, and I can say I loved how it concluded. Everything Gaia stood for didn't change, and I love how she still remembers her parents and who she is - a midwife - amongst all this chaos that surrounds her.

Well done, Ms. O'Brien. You made me doubt you after book two, but I can say that you definitely won my heart over with this. Congrats.

And with that said, I'd like to conclude: I had a very nice time with Gaia and Leon. You guys lost yourselves but ended up finding out who you really were by the end, which, in my book, is something amazing. Well done.

You can read the first three chapters here. Scroll down and click Promised excerpt. :)

I am so excited for this book! I absolutely loved Birthmarked, but Prized was such a disappointment. I hope that in this Gaia reclaims her strength and proves to be, once again, a great heroine.