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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout First, I’d like to thank Aqsa for sending me her ARC copy! I never thought I would be able to read Onyx earlier than its release date. You were the light in the hall of my despairing darkness.

Secondly, I know my friends would probably be looking at the rating and thinking WHAT THE BALLS WHY IS THIS BOOK RATED FOUR STARS IT SHOULD BE FIVE WHAT DIDN’T YOU LIKE ABOUT IT OMFG WOW.

And so I’d like to explain myself in this spoiler-free review.

The thing that probably really irked me and brought this book down a star was probably Katy. Lulz, yes, I know, she’s the main character, she’s really strong, she’s sarcastic, etc.—but this whole deal with her pushing Daemon away was just very … annoying. It might’ve not been if JLA hadn’t let it last for more than half the book, but that’s what she did. Katie kept pushing Daemon away—and kissing him during the time “away”—and blaming his feelings for her on this alien mojo connection of theirs. Which I totally understand would make sense, but it really lasted too long … And gave me lots of teenage-angst-BLARGH moments.

I would’ve been fine with it if Katy’s reasons for pushing Daemon away were because she was “too scared for commitment” or something. But being with it for the reason it was and how long it lasted, it was just way too much teenage angst.


Anyway! Moving on to a much more delicious topic.


Holy shit, children. He can never stop his sexiness, can he? With all this flirting between Daemon and Katy, my reactions were usually like this:



I kid you not. My sister has a Goodreads, so if you want to ask her, I will supply you her account link. I, uhm, basically, uh, (this is very personal for me to say but) sat on top of her and started screaming/fangirling/yelling in her ear how much Daemon is sexy. >__> Again, I kid you not. Daemon takes that kind of reaction out of me.

Just another thing: When you read the book, I guarantee you’ll be laughing your ass off when you get to the part where Daemon’s in her In My Mailbox video. I LAUGHED SO HARD MY MOTHER TOLD ME TO SHUT UP. THAT’S RIGHT—MY MOTHER. And she loves me.

You’ll definitely be laughing throughout this book. With all of Katy’s smartass comments and Daemon’s attempts at wooing her successfully, this book is so intoxicatingly funny. I swear I was laughing at every other page.

The real situation begins near the end of the novel, and it’s a pretty neat, hard, shocking situation. A lot of the stuff was almost predictable, so I didn’t have much of any surprises, except for the end. Let’s just say that you’ll practically be begging for Opal when it’s out. T__T

Conclusion: Hilariously funny. Knocked off one star because of Katy’s stubbornness. Daemon is as sexy as always. You will be shocked and screaming for Opal by the end of the book.