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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins 4 stars. So I don't know what it was--maybe it was the weather, or the fact that I showered, or that I was in a really, really good mood, but The Hunger Games was even better the second time around.

Or maybe I just really don't bond well with people reading books to me.

See, that's how I "read" The Hunger Games. Did I physically read it? No. So there were lots of surprises and twists in this one, while I read in back in 2009. But this book was so great, yet it lacked in some places for me--I needed some gore (morbid, I know), and I just really didn't like either Peeta or Gale (not my type(s)), and after Katniss, my favorite character was probably Haymitch. Lovely guy.

Pre-review: 3 stars.
I read The Hunger Games before it became famous, in 2009. That was all it was. A Suzanne Collins book. A YA series from a middle grade author. And then slowly, ever so slightly, in the end of 2010, the series started to gain its momentum and popularity. Everyone was talking about The Hunger Games, The Girl on Fire, the Bread Boy, the Districts and the Capitol. Everyone.

First I would like to say is that my teacher had read to me in class the first time. She discovered it before I had, and my class had afternoon reading sessions in which my peers would decide either to read our own books or read my teacher's. Ultimately, my peers weren't heavy readers, just as I wasn't either, and we almost always chose Ms. Surber to read to us.

She had read, and while the prospect of The Hunger Games -- I mean, who doesn't think that a world where a game is made in which only one victor is allowed to win to ensure the protection and rule of the government remains? -- is certainly better than most of dystopian novels out there, though I still think the story could've been written better. After I read the novel for myself, I still didn't feel connected in a way to Katniss; I always imagined connections to characters as two electrical devices with wires -- two wires for two purposes: that I can understand the characters, and they are credible. Katniss was credible. But I wasn't able to feel connected to her; that wire was cut off.

Another thing that was really just urking me throughout the novel was probably just Collins's writing. I've read only the first book of Gregor the Overlander, only because I had nothing else to do, but even then I didn't like the style of her writing. I think that's probably the main reason why I couldn't enjoy this book more: Collins's writing.

And plus, I also thought the romance was pretty unneeded; I didn't like each love interest much. While Katniss seemed credible, Peeta and Gale didn't. Though if I had to pick, I'd say Gale is better, but that's only me personally.

Honestly? I think this book could've been written better. Mucho better, and then the publicity it's getting could've seemed believable.