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Legend - Marie Lu Oh my God.

Final rating: 5 stars!

Excuse me for a moment. I may have to have a fangirl moment.


Legend is something that has happened to me after some time. Okay, granted, the plot is predictable, the story is kind of cheesy, and the characters are generic — but for a 300-page book, that is some awesome, cheesy, nicey pizza there!

I loved the steadfast relationship between June and Day. (I really liked the font picked in the book, too. :D I'm a typography person.) There wasn't any, 'Oh, June! How I love you!' or 'Oh, why Day! I love you too!' No surrey. Totally different characters with tough, likable, sort of bxtchy personalities!

Me likey.


And then there's this problem in June's position: Despite her increasingly romantic feelings for Day, she's on an undercover mission. But she believes that it wasn't really Day who killed her brother, and was, evidently, this guy I totally saw coming. /shakes head Okay, so maybe Ms. Lu may need help on her suspense skills — What, do you think your readers can't deduct with our awesome reasoning skills? — and start trusting her readers more.

After all, I do work with the FBI. /wink wink

Conclusion: Good novel. Cool characters. Love the whole secrecy and secretly-evil-government mojo going on.

Recommended: OH YES BABY!