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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead 4 stars. Although the first book of Bloodlines was not as good as the first book of Vampire Academy, I still find myself enjoying the story. There wasn't anything particularly outstanding about it, that's the problem - a normal story with pretty predictable plot twists and a predictable storyline, which is the complete opposite of Mead's previous series.

Except how is it that I found myself enjoying this book?

One answer: Richelle Mead's writing.

I love it. I like the way she writes her characters, I like her style. After reading six books of the VA series, she's achieved a place as one of my favorite authors - not just because of her awesome writing skills, but because of her style.

But, well, Sydney wasn't a particular favorite character of mine, even when she made her occasional appearances in VA. She seemed very bland to me - following the rules, knowing nothing, sort of a wimp (I'm telling the straight truth here, bros) - kind of like me, I guess. Kind of like a lot of people. And I guess I just didn't want to read a story about a character to similar to bland ol' me, but by the end, I saw a totally different side to Sydney Sage that I hadn't seen before. So I can safely say that though she isn't one of my favoritely favorites, she was kind of worming her way into me by the end of the book.

As for the plot: It wasn't that suspenseful, kind of boring, kind of predictable. I couldn't find it within me to mind so much, though.

The romance: None, really. Except for right at the end. Which is okay with me because as long as Mead takes her time with heartbroken Adrian and wary Sydney to develop a nice relationship, then it'll be fine, I'm sure. like always