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Adorkable - Sarra Manning This book really seals you right in. With a title and a synopsis like that, how can you resist the contemporary temptation?

I didn't enjoy it.

I got almost 1/3 of the way the way through before I said Enough. Jeane was so annoying. And Michael? Well, Michael Lee was your average Asian boyfriend, who I thought was okay. The characters didn't wow me, which was disappointing since Jeane was a fashionista and all of her clothing line 'Adorkable' I was expecting lots of ... dorkiness. And fun. But all I got was boring characters, a plot that looked that it wasn't going anywhere, and other stupid things.

This may be a minor problem, but I found it to be very irking to me: Jeane is practically attached to her virtual life. Her Twitter, Facebook, website ... whatever it is, it's technology. And I don't like it. I sound like a stupid grandmother here, but when I used to be little, I liked playing outside better. And even though I have friends who sit behind computers and I chat with them too, I don't let it take over my life. But Jeane ... Oof. Sad life there.

Anyway, yeah. This wasn't my type of book, sadly, especially since I really wanted to read it.

Thumbs down from me.