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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Pre-reading thoughts: It doesn't really sound interesting, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Post-reading thoughts: 2.5 stars. Guess this book just wasn't my cup of tea.

Conclusion: Across the Universe was used for a school reading project; for personal enjoyment, it wasn't very interesting. As for a school project, it supplied me with what I needed.

Umm ...


I'm pretty much the Beast in this situation, because I feel as if I'm the minority--actually, no, I am the minority. And in being the minority, I feel as if to explain myself would be harder; but at least telling why I hated something is easier than telling why I loved it.

Here are some words that come to mind when I think of AtU: whiny heroine, annoying plot, I-don't-like-the-main-guy feels, stupid love, predictable murder mystery, and annoying cliffhanger.

I will brush up on this later. Review to be continued.

So here I am brushing up on this.

I was actually pretty much not excited for AtU, as you can tell from my pre-reading thoughts. I only picked up the book because others were picking up the book, and it seemed to be getting lots of jazz from the media.

So I jumped on the bandwagon.

And maybe this was what made the book so annoying: That because of all the hype, it made you think the book was much better than it really was.

So, needless to say, I was disappointed. A lot.

From page one, the book seemed okay. Exciting, even. You have your main protagonist, Amy, who's about to get frozen in a container of nitrogen for like, gazillions of years.

Now, I don't know about you, but the prospect of that is entertaining.

Except the book is not exactly actiony.

Is it suspenseful? No. I mean, okay, there's a murder mystery. But just as I was half-way through the book, I figured out who it was. (Or maybe that's because I have a habit of analyzing every character and whoever seems the least probable and it just suddenly makes sense? Because that's what YA authors always do?) Maybe I'm just really good at solving puzzles. Or something. But whatever it was, I figured it out, and the signs were there, and then suddenly the story lost all its appeal.

And I really didn't like Elder. Just--GAH. I'm a fan of the tall, dark, and mysterious type but I love guys who are normal too -- which, in this case, Elder would fit into this description. But I didn't like him. I didn't favor him as a suitable guy for Amy. But then again, did I like Amy? No, not really. The book overall was really boring to me and the only reason I rated it 2 stars is because the idea. (And that little extra-solar, spaceshippy touch.)

The cliffhanger was, in a way, nicely planned. So even though I called it annoying, it may just be because it was good, and I was annoyed because I had to wait another year? Or maybe it was that in the context of things.

edit: I just looked, and the "ending" I was talking about was a preview for the next book, A Million Suns. So ignore everything I just said. -___-

"Will you stay with me?"

Urgh, gag. I like romantic endings, but not cheesy ones.

Anyway, I will be reading the next book! Because that "preview ending" actually got me interested!