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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman 3.5 stars. For the longest time I believed Seraphina was the book for me. I never had any doubt that I would dislike it; the reviews were far too good and well worth the hype.

I liked it. Yeah.

But for me, Seraphina was a very hard book for me to get into (hence the elapsed days it took to read this.) Fifty pages in and I really wanted to drop it - it bored me so bad. And I would've, except for this whimsical voice inside me that urged to give the book a chance.

Because, yeah. I've decided to stop dropping books.

And I did. Give it a chance, that is. Seraphina was a very good heroine, although very intelligent, which I suppose comes from her dragon side. The story steadily increased ... Slowly, but increase it did. Hartman's worldbuilding was also pretty good, and much less complex than lots of other high fantasies. The romance between Kiggs and Seraphina was very subtle, and I found it abrupt at times.

My conclusion? If you're into high fantasy, this is definitely a good choice for you. The story may start off a bit slow, but once you're in, prepare to be swept off in a dangerous realm of mystical dragons and compelling writing.