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Splintered - A.G. Howard
4 stars. This is probably my first ever Alice in Wonderland retelling and I am happy to inform you that A.G. Howard and I have gotten off to a great start, in terms of AiW! There were great twists, turns, and other mumbo jumbo about timeline and family trees and other shit I just blanked out—in a good way, because it was so clever.

I liked everything about this book (especially the fact that Alyssa is from Texas!), and Alice's world was just wonderfully described and so engaging. I imagined a lot of it like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland except with, you know, scarier flowers, rabbits, and other man-eating creatures.

So with everything, why did I knock off a star? Why not the complete five stars?

The answer to this question is Jeb.

Oh, Jeb. Jeb. Constant Jeb. I do not particularly like Jeb. Yes, he's grown up with Alyssa, gone from big brother to romantic lover, but from the way he acts in the majority of the book, you wouldn't know. He never trusts her, doesn't let her do what she has to do and is always stifling her. Protectiveness is fine, but there comes a point where you shouldn't ... just ... I don't know, squash your girlfriend and keep her in a jar, no matter how much you love her.

But anyway, Jeb annoyed me so much at times I wanted to strangle him. No matter how hawt he was.

(Except I got freakin' shivers when they made out. That was hot.)

There was another reason: Morpheus.

You see, Morpheus is a very complex character. Kind of like the Darkling, except much less evil, but exactly cunning and clever. You don't know if you should trust him or not, y'know? And me being foolish and naive and taking a chance, of course I did—only to be made an idiot later.

So that's why I knocked off a star. I WAS SO CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT TO FEEL ABOUT HIM. And maybe the author wanted that, but I was just so frustrated I needed to pee. Badly.

And then all ends happily!

No spoilers there. But just know that Morpheus will remain in your toes and give you tingles long after the book ends. That being said, he was a great character and the most complex and by far my most favorite—not because he was so sexy (though that makes it better) but how there were all these different sides to him and he was



I would say complex, but I've said that like, a bajillion times, so I'm stuck with "cool."

All in all, Splintered is a book you won't be able to put down, with compelling characters and a fantastic world.