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Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer 1.5 stars. Yup, guys, Nightshade was a huge miss for me.

So, with so many reviews about how awesome and fantastic and badass Calla was, I was pretty sure I'd like it - yeah, I was hesitant, but that was because it seemed like a story without much of a plot. "Calla graduates, marries Ren, makes babies, but starts to question her allegiance and her fate/destiny."

Why oh why didn't you decide to marry Ren?


I admit, Ren was the only thing that got me going. There were times when I thought he was becoming territorial, and kind of like "Calla is my property," (as much as I'd hate to agree with Shay), which Calla pretty much handled (ish?) but I felt so annoyed and vexed at her that I couldn't pat her on the back.

Here's my problem with Calla.

All her toughness, to me, seemed forced. Like a badass-Mary-Sue, if that makes sense. And I don't get it - if Ren smiles at her, she wants to kick his shins? Seems kind of far fetched to me, something to be so annoyed about.

And Shay.

I groan .... Internally and externally. He's kind of like a lost puppy for the first fourth of the book, and I love puppies, but puppies like Shay? Who chase and chase after our heroine and can't take a goddamn hint? NO!

And it doesn't help that our heroine can't help and melt in a puddle at his feet. I shake my head. I shake it and shake it and hope Calla changes her mind and starts to fall in love with Ren.

He's so much better.

There were lots of pages I pretty much skimmed twenty pages at a time - all the times Calla was with Shay, basically - so I'm not exactly sure what happened at the end. I couldn't handle it, and a large part of me wanted to drop this sexist book, but .... I didn't. Which makes me feel very accomplished because I can't believe I lasted through this!




No? Okay.

And so, I will conclude this review with one word, repeated multiple, multiple times: RenRenRenRenRenRenRenRenRenRenRen. FOREVA.