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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead Much better than Blood Promise. 5 stars.

So after reading Blood Promise with Rose doing nothing much than sitting around, becoming a victim of a Strigoi, and other shit, I was particularly excited to read this book because ... well, there was more stuff going on, according to my sources. I mean, okay, Blood Promise was really just eh, but I still enjoyed it because I've just about fallen in love with Rose and think that even if she decides to burn down the world for the one she loves I'd probably still love her in the end.

(What the hell is wrong with me?)

I don't have a fetish. Just a deep, burning obsession love for Rose.

Anyway, yay! Dimitri's better. But are they finally together? No, of course not, because Mead has to make this hard for both her characters and us, readers.

So yeah. And we find out something more about Lissa's bloodline, which, as I can say as an avid reader, I totally didn't see coming.

Another particular thing was the cliffhanger at the end - I was reading along, except nothing much, really, and then BAM. When Rose was handcuffed for the murder of Queen Tatiana, I was FLABBERGASTED. Shocked wouldn't really describe me. Imagine me like this: lounging, drinking some lemonade in the sunshine, and then I read this particular sentence and now imagine me like this: book thrown, lemonade in my mouth squirted; lemonade in my hand dropped so it looks like I've pretty much peed my pants, and my eyes just popping out of their sockets.

So when I say I was shocked, I'm not kidding.

Much better than BP, though. Great follow-up.