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Mystic City - Theo Lawrence 3 stars - liked it. If you're wondering if Mystic City will be probably the best, most awesome dystopian-Manhattan-futuristic novel you'll ever read, then probably. But set your bars low. Or don't even set them at all because 97% of the time you are bound to get disappointed.

You have your Romeo and your Juliet. Doesn't take place in Verona, obviously, but lots of the scenes are the same: your Capulets and your Montagues, the party scene, and even a knock-off of the balcony scenes. Kind of lame, now that I look back at it.

Anyway, I think we all had a sneaking suspicion that that guy was actually the person she fell in love with. No surprise there. But I really thought the world-building was good, and though the characters are particularly not memorable (I can't remember their names), the romance was okay. Good, even, although kind of weird.

Conclusion: Just a normal YA dystopian. You can skip it and not feel anything.