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Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins 3 stars. So, yeah. Admist all the hype and sexiness surrounding Kaidan this series, I give it, fully, three stars. Now, if I let my bodily desires win out, Kaidan, in terms of sex, is pretty much high up in the scale. But if you're asking if he competes with Dimitri or Augustus or Tobias, then I'm sorry to say, no, he doesn't.

When thinking of Kaidan, he's like a no-strings-attached partner. Nice body, nice voice, and good for a while--but not like Dimitri, for example, whom I'd keep and keep and keep in my heart forever because he's so damn awesome.

But, anyway. Anna Whitt is soft, cute, sheltered--until she meets Kaidan (Ky-den) Rowe, an English drummer in a rock band. Then she wants him in a way like never before, but one problem: He's the Son of Lust. His job is to screw people, not to make love.

And that's the problem.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnn.

So they're both aching for each other, good girl and bad boy, and there's so much sexual tension it's suffocating. And I love sexual tension, but I don't really like this Saint/demon world (or maybe I don't understand enough of it), and for me, Kaidan and Anna are two characters there are enough of in the YA world. Meanwhile, I'm more into the actiony/adventurous type of books, so there's rarely ever of book out of this range that I give five stars to. So don't feel bad, Anna. I will read Sweet Peril because I just--love--the--unf.

Absolutely lovely at times (and sexy!), but holistically, not that different than anything else I've read.