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The Gathering Dark - Christine   Johnson 1.5 stars. The Gathering Dark, unfortunately, did not seem to wow! me, and here's why:

◦ Crap characters.

◦ Crap world building.

◦ Crap plot.

Keira has a natural affinity with music — more specifically, with her piano. After she meets the alluring and enigmatic Walker, she feels an instant connection: something otherworldly ... literally. With dark visions haunting her at every curve, Keira realizes she is something much more than human, and if she is to live, she must uncover the secret that could save us all.

I will admit, the premise sounded BAD ASS. Totally a Hermione-type-of-book. Dark matter? Alternate dimension? On the run? Sign me up!

The idea was excellent. However, the characters, the world building, and the plot was executed poorly. I didn't much like Keira; I couldn't connect with her. Nor was Walker swoon-worthy; he was actually very plain and very much a John Doe in terms of YA literature. Johnson could've done a much better job wasting the first fifty pages with introducing us to this "Dark World" rather than showing us some stupid sexual tension. And the plot? What plot? It was all right. Twists and turns? Were they there? Did I expect them? Did I enjoy them?

No. No. Yes. No.

All in all, nothing new in YA literature and definitely something you could pass up. The writing was boring, the characters you couldn't connect with, and the plot was straightforward. I give it a 1 star for it being a published novel, and a .5 star rating to Thank Goodness It's a Standalone.