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Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson 4.5 stars. Second Chance Summer was a book I've been waiting for a long time to read. With this, obviously, the build-up was very suspenseful — as were my expectations.

But fear not: Second Chance Summer was better than I had hoped.

In a course of three weeks, Taylor Edwards's life changed — and now, after five long years, as summer approaches, her family returns to their lake house in the Pocono Mountains to create everlasting memories. However, Pocono Mountains holds a painful reminder to everyone Taylor has hurt in the past. As a girl who has a tendency to run away from her troubles, how can Taylor overcome her fears and regain their forgiveness? How can she become stronger, in the face of trouble?

Taylor Edwards, our heroine, is one I liked very much. I could very much connect and relate with her problems. Even in the beginning, Taylor manages to pep-talk herself into becoming a better, stronger person, and retains this through to the end of the book, in which her biggest emotional obstacle comes into play.

Henry Crosby was a delicious character to read about! I found myself thumbing the pages until Taylor's next encounter with him. My only complaint is that I wish there were more scenes with him, but Henry was ultimately a very lovely guy. ♥

◦ I fell in love with Taylor's father. Man, there was such a paternal, fatherly feel to him that you couldn't help be encompassed by just the written sound of his laughter or his jokes or his personality. With a fairly predictable and inevitable ending, I ended up missing his character very much, and craved and loved and ended up appreciating the scenes between daughter and father.

◦ Warning: You might cry for no reason at all except for how awesome this book is. And for Taylor's father. Because he deserves to be cried over for long, long hours. Because I certainly did. Many times.

All in all, Second Chance Summer was a book about how second chances presented themselves, even when we didn't deserved them, but popped up anyway, and how we must grab them and hold on. The book was fairly predictable, but nevertheless engaging with a cute romance and a heartbreaking, nostalgic ending with such beautifully crafted characters.