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Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz 4 stars. To be honest, when I was searching for a mystery, and ended up picking up Deadly Little Secret, it was with hesitance and skepticism. I figured the book would be a normal three stars — nothing memorable — or even two stars — bleh — but Deadly Little Secret ended up surpassing all my expectations.

First of all: yes, there is some very cliche moments with Camelia saying "touch me" all the time to Ben because of some supernatural phenomenon going on within him; and maybe even some insta-love, but I found that I strangely didn't mind this at all.

The story was engaging, and with the creepy stalker POVs, I was fairly certain — like, 100%, smug-smile-wow-that-was-easy certain — I had figured out the culprit, the stalker.

Turns out I was wrong.

Which came as a huge surprise.

Not to sound like a snob, but it's fairly easy for me to pick out the the culprit or the stalker or the murderer. I suppose this may be my hidden talent for many years. (Or the fact that all those crime shows I watch pays off, because there's a recurring pattern in everything.)

But anyway, I was fairly certain, because I always thought that character was creepy and I was further creeped out when I read the Stalker POVs and connected them with my assumption. In the end, however, I really liked how the book ended and how the mystery strung me along. Because I certainly fell for it.

So, even though I was wrong in guessing the stalker, that's not why I'm rewarding Deadly Little Secret four stars; it was also an engaging story that kept me on my toes with its mystery, intrigue, and could've been better romance.