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Strange Angels - St. Crow,  Lili
2 stars. Okay, so for Strange Angels, I was warned countless times that the book was pretty boring, ordinary, or just stupid all together.

And just to give you a hint, this was me throughout the ENTIRE book:


There was never a time when I was engaged, or having fun, or engrossed within Dru's story. It was boring, Dru's character didn't like me all that much, and I didn't like Graves much, either, mostly because they all felt off to me. As such, I ended up skimming the last few pages starting at 75%, but I'm fairly certain to know what happened — she ended up confronting the thing she was spending the whole book running away from.

All in all, Strange Angels was a disappointment with a story with the characters doing nearly next to nothing except hiding and being stubborn. I ended up enjoying Strange Angels much less than I hoped I would.