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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang 3.5 stars. There was a large part of me that wanted to give What's Left of Me a three star review, and maybe even a teeny, tiny part of me that wanted to abandon it. And that was because the story started off slow, nearly to half of a book, before things started getting fast fast fast. But the second half was definitely my very favorite, and I absolutely loved how the book ended with not-a-cliffhanger, but a great opening for the second book to proceed on.

After reading The Host, with its premise that was, you have to admit, pretty badass, it was probably a bad idea to read What's Left of Me, a book about how two souls reside in a body — one dominant, one recessive — until the weaker one eventually fades away. The Host had a similar concept to this, and was executed brilliantly. And while What's Left of Me was certainly badass, and yet not hardcore dystopian or even sci-fi, I found myself comparing certain traits with What's Left of Me to The Host, which, in the end, probably influenced my decision much more than it should've.

My only problem was the slow pacing for nearly half the book. That part rarely kept me entertained, even though Zhang's writing was spectacular. However, the minute Eva and Addie get discovered, things suddenly got much more interesting.

I also really loved the romance. Definitely not ruled by it, but not completely gone, either. And this was what made me look forward to each and every chapter — the encounters between Eva and Ryan.

All in all, What's Left of Me was a great read with awesome sci-fi elements that were executed awesomely.