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Illusions - Aprilynne Pike I have to say, even though I am quite late to read this book, it was a very enjoyable read.

1st thing that I must comment on: GREAT ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENT. In the past book, the love triangle between Laurel/Tamani/David was almost totally Laurel/David, which I'm not a shipper for. I'm totally Tamani/Laurel, but the way she strung him along in the past two books really irritated me. She kissed him, made him believe that he was the one she chose, only to wake up the next day and find a himself to be "waiting" again.
There was much less of this here. I'm not saying she didn't; she did, but maybe only once. I was really irritated at her for it, but I found myself being whatevs she does this all the time, anyway.

There's finally -- FINALLY -- a chance for Tamani. The future of Tamani's love life in the other two books didn't look quite .... big, but the wheels are definitely turning in this one. And it's great!

2nd: Plotline.
Honestly, I don't think there was any advancement in the plot. There was really not much discoveries; there were obstacles, but the story didn't move on at all. Nothing about the trolls. Not a real, true fighting scene. It was ... disappointing.

But still, definitely a good read. (: Actually, if I were being honest, the story focused more on Laurel's love life more than anything else.