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Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck I finished this book around a week ago, but my goodreads wasn't loading on my computer and internet was gone for a week. So that's why this review is kinda late. :/

Kelsey lost her parents in an accident. To earn a living, she decides to take up a part-time job -- that, which lands her in a circus, having to train a tiger named Dhiren. In a turn of events, she realizes that Dhiren is actually a prince that has been trapped in a curse, and it is her duty to rid him of it.

Okay. So.

This is Indian culture; almost the whole book takes place in India. And since I'm not from there, but from its neighboring country, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the things that Colleen Houck mentioned was that she did her research very well. I was impressed. So that was a plus.

Another thing I liked was the writing style. Usually I really like third-person limited or even omniscient, but if someone can really pull off first-person, then I'm fine with it. But the first-person in this book was really impressive. :D

Now, let's get to the plot/characters.

Kelsey, the main heroine, is a total doofus. I'm serious. I really didn't like her character; at times I found her too childish. All she ever did was say "Thank you!", ask a lot of questions (like, more than Bella asks Edward in Twilight; I mean, she could lead an inquisition if she kept it up) and sleep. And when I say sleep, I mean sleep. It seems like every time after a Q&A session with her and her buddy, Ms. Colleen Houck had nothing better to do than send her to sleep. I can bet you that Kelsey falls asleep at least 20 times in this book.

And there wasn't much action. There was romance, I admit that, and I found the romance compelling, but the action just wasn't there. All she and Ren (Kelsey's nickname for Dhiren) did was trek through some jungles and caves, and voila, found this Indian goddess that bestowed her blessings on the two. And even then, more trekking.

After saying all this, it's hard to say what I enjoyed about it. I really did like Ren's character and his brother, Kishan's, and maybe even that old guy's name, too, whose I've forgotten (I tend to do that a lot, you know; forget names.) The characters were good, except, of course, Kelsey's and I'm actually pretty surprised how Ren tolerated her questions and childishness. :P

I might read the next book. If it doesn't get better, I'll probably drop the series.