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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand 3.5 stars. So, reading it the second time around wasn't half bad. Yeah, the first half was your typical YA thing - and that was what obviously threw me off the first time around, but I hadn't given it a chance. I think I was just so annoyed with Clara having no dignity chasing after Christian that I couldn't look forward.

And yes, there were some twists I totally did not see coming! Congratz, Ms. Hand. And Jeffrey, just what are you hiding? You're freaking me out. And I love you, bro. *fist pump*

Um, let's see. Tucker is amazing. Love, love, love him. And I think I even liked him before, the first time I read about him. Christian's okay, I suppose, but for the life of me, I have no I dea how he can rival against cowboy Tucker. Unless he brings me chocolate and flowers for Valentine's Day (which is today, and it's almost over!) But even then I think I'll still like Tucker more. I love this dude. Why aren't you real?

I still have a few questions about the angel-blood thing, and feel Hand could've made the whole "destiny-prophecy" aspect a bit more appealing and less ... Generic. It's kind of plain and boring. Too easy, really. And I have a few questions about Angela, but they're spoilery so never mind.

Better the second time around. Hallowed awaits.