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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I've been really lazy these past few days. So please pardon this teeny-tiny review:

- The writing was really weird. At first I was annoyed with it, but after reading the book for hours straight, I kind of found myself liking it, even if some most of the metaphors didn't make sense.
- The strike-out sentences were really annoying. I didn't warm up to those at all.
- Aside from the romance, the story wouldn't have much of a plot. Which is kindofsortof pathetic, because the with Juliette's power, the book could've definitely focused more on herself and taming her abilities and finding out who she was and stuff. (Like how exactly did this happen to her?)
- Juliette is a weak, senseless crybaby. She cries a whole lot in this. She's not exactly strong.
- The kissing/romance scenes were a bit ... steamy. I've never read anything so ... arousing? sensual? in a dystopian teen fiction novel. I'm a pretty great romance fan, but I just found them a tad bit overrated.
- Why is Juliette's touch immune to Warner and Adam? Why didn't we get any foreshadowing of why? Let's hope to find out in the next novel?

otl, despite all these fallacies, the book was really enjoyable. And exhilarating. I loved the action in it, even if Juliette isn't a kickass heroine.

I like Warner.
I know I'm a senseless woman who doesn't care about her privacy and/or sexuality. But he's so tortured. And I admit, he is kind of creepy.

I like-ish Adam.
He's just so ... sappy.

edit: I don't like either love interests (if that's what they are).

I like Mako. And Zuko. And Bolin. And Aang. But bro, that's it.