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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Like many others, I wish this were the prologue. It definitely catches the attention of the reader and foreshadows just enough for the upcoming story.

Merged review:

It's very funny, actually. Magnus so solemn, so thoughtful in this little insight we get of him. And I also felt a bit nostalgic with him as he looked at Jem and Will and Jessamine and the others. I guess if you feel yourself connecting to your characters then it means the author did a best job at characterization and mutualism.

I feel bad for Tessa. It must be hard knowing that she could live forever and watch the two mortal boys she loved -- loves -- and the people and her family die. It's tearjerking.

But I love this. I love Magnus and I love how we get to see all different sides of him.

Merged review:

I'm a little iffy about this.

I loved this, don't get me wrong. I loved what was going on Jace's mind and how he thought. But I found his feelings a bit weird, especially since the original scene was in third person Clary's POV. And if I'm not mistaken, I don't think Clary felt much "spark" with Jace by the the time in the book?

I know Jace finally realized his feelings for Clary while they were are Renwick's. But since my memory is a bit hazy, I don't remember where Renwick's took place in -- City of Ashes or City of Bones? And if it were in CoB, was it after this scene or before?

Haha, but still, the scene was delicious. And yummy. And everything in between.