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Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins Demonglass is absolutely great installment. Usually when you read series, the first book is always the best, the second book completely makes you question why you are reading this series in the first place, and the last book is either the whooping action-packed finale you've been waiting for or it still disappoints.

I loved Hex Hall. I can't believe I didn't read it sooner. And though Demonglass was great, it isn't as high as the first book was, but I still loved it.

The cool thing about this book is that it takes place in England! And we totally get to see some Archer and Sophie action in this book, too. But another man gets put into the picture, which, I think, is pretty easy to guess who: Cal.

Here's the deal: I've loved Cal. He was a great friend, and if Sophie ever wanted it, he would make a great husband, too. But despite the fact that Archer is absent for most of the book, Sophie and Cal's relationship doesn't really grow. An awkwardness settles around them and even when that passes, Cal stills doesn't make any moves. And Sophie knows that loving Archer is wrong, so tries to forget him and make herself like Cal. But if he doesn't step up, if he doesn't make a move, the girl won't have any intentions of his feelings! She'll still be moping over the other guy, and if he comes back into the picture, it's more than likely that she'll end up wanting to go back to him, forbidden or not.

This is kinda what happens.

Cal is there, as a support, as an anchor. He's always been by her side. But the problem is that during the whole book he hasn't made his intentions known. So because of this, I think it's actually pretty obvious who Sophie is going to end up with. That's just my opinion, but still. There's been more Archer/Sophie action more than there's been Cal/Sophie action, and this is the second book. And as you know, in the second book, the other rival is introduced and the protagonist is increasing her chemistry with him. But there's definitely not an increase in chemistry with her and Cal. :( Poor Cal.

The action doesn't disappoint, either. I absolutely loved each of the fighting/running scenes that this book had and all the discoveries. I can tell you this, I did not expect one of the Council members to be the traitor. And especially whoever it was. Like, wow! Totally didn't see that coming!

I absolutely loved the climatic scene. This is where the novel ends, and it absolutely burns me (haha, pun intended for those of you who've read it) because I want to know what happens next. It seems as though there will be some new discoveries in Spell Bound also.

Let me ponder this one for a second.

Meanwhile, you can stare at this gif knowing that this is what I'm doing right about now:


Review to come.