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Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver Pre-reading: NO NO NO NO.

I can't believe this series is a love triangle. This so doesn't seem like a trilogy to have a love triangle.

Crap. That sucks.



4 stars. This was actually a really high 4 stars to me. After reading Delirium, my attitude was just like, "Eh. Lena is so stupid. I bet she'll be stupid again in this book." I mean, yes, I rated Delirium to be a four star novel, but I don't know -- was I interested? I guess. It must've been one of those eh-disappointing novels but strangely addicting.

Pandemonium is totally different.


Now listen: If you were like me, and tried Delirium just because of the hype and happened to not like it, give Pandemonium a chance. IT WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF. Mine were certainly blown!

I couldn't put this book down, peoples. And I know some people didn't like the Here and Now alternation chapters, but I did. Le sigh, the troubles of a minority. Though I was more interested in the Now part of the book.

But like everything else, the book wasn't perfect -- hence the 4 star rating.

And the problem with that was mainly the romance.

Everything was perfect, really. Lena grew from a timid, shy girl into someone who fought for her freedom and what was right. But the reason for that, was, ultimately because of Alex. Right? And I understand that because she thought Alex was dead, she had to move on at some point. But the part I didn't like was how fast she moved on. Sure, she thought about Alex. Sure, it was about a six month time skip, and six months is actually a long time. But for me, it didn't seem that way. It felt like she was betraying Alex.

And I felt like she was betraying Alex when she was having snuggle-buddy time with Julian.

Now, I guess I like Julian -- definitely not as much as Alex, but I like him.

And yes, I did get butterflies and I did drool when Lena and Julian were having their romantic moments.

But really? There was always something at the back of my mind that always reminded me about Alex. Because he really couldn't be dead, right? I mean, seriously, bro.

I also didn't like how when Julian was captured, Lena risked everything. But when Alex was missing, she didn't do ... anything. You know what I mean? I really, really didn't like that. If you were to ask me who she "loves" more at this point, I'd probably say Julian.

There's this other issue, about how Lena falls in love just so fast. But this is what the story is about -- love -- and discovering that love is not a disease, but a true cure to everything. Yes, the idea was crazy and I was skeptical about it. And the romance is basically insta-love combined with you-are-the-one-for-me-after-three-days type of thing, but somehow Oliver manages to pull it off.

And I hate those types of romance.

So kudos to you, Oliver.

Conclusion: Much better than Delirium! Lena gets really touch and badass here. I didn't like the romance. And I hate that it's a love triangle, but eh, what can you do?

Recommended: Definitely. Despite its flaws, it's actually a much better installment than its predecessor.