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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi 4 stars. As a warning, it isn't Juliette that takes my Four Star Award, nor is it poor, boring, mopey Adam--it's Kenji. Awesome, beautiful, hilarious Kenji that knows when to tie down and where to do it. He's the one that gives Juliette a lecture to get off her ass and stop feeling sorry for herself--which she tells herself to do, but never does--and helps her with her feelings for Adam. Which she can't be with. Because of something.

But, dayuuuuuum.

I see why Chapter 62 is so famous.

It's famous for a reason, guys.


Even Mr. Octopussy is sweating. And he lives in the ocean.

But, definitely, after reading the novel Destroy Me by Mafi in Warner's POV, I've definitely gained insight and come to appreciate him more. It's funny how people say they understand what a person goes through but has no right to act like how they did, based on their experiences--true, but I have arguments. And Warner is so far beyond hope that he doesn't even try.

And, um, I have a habit of picking up stray cats. So....

Team Warner.

Seconding everyone else: Adam is boring. Adam is mopey. Adam is so far in love and so psychotically love-crazy that he even freaks me out a little.