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Requiem - Lauren Oliver 3.5 stars. I think a lot of what influenced my rating for Requiem is the fact that I had been dying, screaming, coveting, punching-my-pillowing for this book. So needless to say, my expectations were pretty much on the tippity-toppities.

And when I finished the book:


What in the world just happened? That was not how Requiem was supposed to end! It was supposed to be amazing and nice and beautiful and cheesy and awe-inspiring, but instead it turned out to be .... well, truth be told, kind of bland.

Don't get me wrong, for most of the book I enjoyed it, though I was concentrating on ignoring the boring parts to get into the nice ones. Hana's story was actually pretty interesting, and I loved the fact how their story ended up colliding; that was really cool.

And that death. THAT DEATH. We never really had a lot of interaction with Chocolate (my codename for this person), but it was obvious how much Chocolate influenced Lena, and their death definitely rocketed Lena's world. As it did to my heart.

But the ending?

No. No no no no no nononononononononoooooooo.

That was so disappointing. I'm not going to say how the love triangle was resolved, if it was resolved at all. And for me, that 3.5 rating is partly issued because of that stupid, god-forbidden ending.

Let me tell you this: I am a fan of open endings (kind of), but this one was too open. And rushed. And just ... bam, there. The love triangle was kind of-ish resolved, which I'm happy about. :) But the relationships Lena had with her mother, with Hana, and the whole issue with the wall and everything ... For me, that was unresolved. A little too unresolved, without any direction where the story might continue on.

Just--argh. I was really enjoying the book, and the direction it was going, but then the ending had to ruin it. For me, a large part of me is thinking of changing the rating to 3 stars, but then there's another part of me that's combining all the love I've had for this series and showing sympathy.

A great series, Lauren Oliver, even if the ending is kind of blargh. I will miss it.