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Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson seven billion stars. I am not entirely sure how to review Edenbrooke, because this book was all that I wanted to read, want to read, and will want to read for the rest of my life. I don't think I will ever get tired of Philip's and Marianne's bantering, the atmospheric tension, the great, unwavering love between the two of them. When thinking of this book, cute comes to mind, but seems entirely too inadequate. Clever, lovely, sweet, nice, delightful, charming? Somehow, Edenbrooke was all these things and more, but it doesn't nearly describe the feelings within me!

Marianne was a ditz, a klutz, and had a tendency to blush at every waking possibility with naiveté. Normally, and typically, I would scoff and yet read on ahead — scout the perimeter, see where the story was headed. However, I found Marianne endearing rather than annoying, but this might've been because Marianne continued to hold her own, rather than give in to the roguish and charming Philip.

And now onto Philip.

There will probably no other historical romance character that will top Philip. (Update: I found one, and it's from Donaldson's newest novel, Blackmoore, and his name is Henry. ♥) Philip was just so sweet and caring and understanding. And I loved him.

The plot itself is pretty straight-forward, but if you're looking for a light, fluff read with lots of fluff, then Edenbrooke is it.

P.S.: My reaction throughout the whole book: