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Cinder - Marissa Meyer This book was absolutely marvelous. I loved how strong Cinder was, and how this wasn't your very typical Cinderella story, even though it was based off of the fairytale. Though I can see a few parts where Cinder connects with Cinderella, most of the book was totally imagination and the author's own thinking.

Cinder is a cyborg. And something else. And someone else, someone very important -- important enough to start a war over. From a girl who realizes she's nothing but a mechanic who lives under the authority of her stepmother (Cinderella story element) to someone who is important enough to change the status of the Eastern Commonwealth -- perhaps even the Earth, and beyond. /wink wink

Honestly, when I first picked up this book, I was a bit skeptical. This was my first time reading a Cinderella re-telling, and though I love Cinderella, I wasn't sure how the author could reciprocate it without it sounding much like Cinderella. I wanted it to be like the classic, but not at all like it at the same time. I wanted it different. Original. Fresh.

That is exactly what it was.

The setting of this novel takes place in New Beijing (GREAT! CUZ IT'S NOT THE USA CRAP ANYMORE!), after World War IV. A plague called letumosis threatens the civilians of the world, coming into four stages and causing a swift death in as little as a week or even days. When Cinder's human little sister, Peony, is affected with the disease, her stepmother Adri blames it on her and sends her to the research facility where no one survives treatment.

I found so much in this book that I never felt before -- at the end of BOOK 3 (those who've read this know what I'm talking about; each part of the book is divided into sections, much like PARTS: PART I, PART II, PART III, etc.) I nearly felt close to tears as I whispered, "omg, omg, omg." Something happened to one of my favorite, most cutest and most adorable supporting characters. ;_____; I hope she comes back or something, because she was just so adorable. Always making me smile and laugh, that thing.

Anyway, near the end of the book, I found the most climatic thing to ever happen. I won't reveal anything, because that is besides the point and will ruin your shock, but I can say this: It's something you will never suspect. I didn't at all, and usually I have a knack for storylines because it fits into the stereotypicalness of YA literature. This just proves that this story doesn't fit into the stereotypical genre of YA, and that's a good thing. A break from the real world.

The only reason I really rated it a four point five was because it didn't have much action. Like no battling scenes, not much gore or blood, in general. Some things are very technical and the author uses medical terms, some made up and some not, but it's impressive how far her research has gone. But yeah, the only reason it got a four was because it was actually pretty much an internal/society struggle, nothing else other than that.