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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) - Richelle Mead My only regret is that I've started this series after it's been finished. I won't have that excitement readers have when awaiting for the new sequel every year.

Absolutely amazing. 5 stars.

So, as the first book in a series of six books, this one was pretty badass. We see our protagonist, Rose Hathaway, and her strong desire to protect Lissa, even if it meant that she had no training whatsoever against the Academy's guardians. Now that is a heroine I knew from page one that I'd love!

I actually started this series a long time ago. Like maybe in 2008 or '09. I just remember it was really long ago--around when vampires were really up into the hype--so I picked up Vampire Academy since everyone was saying that it was Twilight's successor (NO WAY SO MUCH BETTER.) I started it, got to the page five, dumped it.

Which is now the most horrible mistake of my life.

Also, as a seventeen-year-old guardian, we can see that Rose is used to having it her way, which, in other circumstances would have been totally annoying, but in Rose's case, it was pretty endearing and humorous. She's childish, but she's also much more grown up in a way--which explains why she likes seven-years-older Dimitri so much! (I know there are some people that hate such age gaps, and I only have one thing to say to you: Grow up and get out of that little box of yours.)

I don't think there are any words to explain what I felt during this novel.

Conclusion: Awesome heroine/hero. Loved the romance. Loved the characters.

Recommendation: YES. YES YES YES. I'm aware the covers are stupid and makes you want to turn away, but please, for the sake of your children, your husband/wife, your LIFE, PLEASE read this. It is so awesomesauce!