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Ao Haru Ride Vol.1 [Japanese Edition] - Io Sakisaka This review is for the current updated manga. It may contain spoilers.

I've been hearing about Sakisaka Io's works everywhere--amenably, the manga Strobe Edge. I honestly had no intention of ever reading it; the art didn't exactly appease to me and well, it was a shoujo manga series. Granted I like to read shoujo mangas with all their typicalness and stupid cliche girl-crying moments--honestly, I'm tired of them anyway--but I rather stick to one-shots. Which I do.

I still don't know why I picked up Ao Haru Ride.

I've started reading this yesterday, have been caught up with the latest chapter so far (chapter 19) and am waiting impatiently for chapter 20 to be scanlated.

And while I seriously cannot stand the wait, I decided to read Strobe Edge. (Not as good as this one, though. Definitely not.)

Ao Haru Ride follows the story of a nostalgic, young love of two characters: Kou and Futaba. They liked each other in their first year of middle school, but due to complications, Kou left--only to be reunited with Futaba in her first year of high school.

Lots of complications occur, and while they still haven't proclaimed their feelings to each other--I have to admit, I'm really likin' the sexual tension--the manga is definitely good. The protagonist doesn't cry over the silliest things, and it's cheesy on the low radar.

I love this. This is the first time I've been obsessed with a shoujo/school life manga, and it's absolutely amazing. ♥ Can't wait for the chapter release!