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5 stars. Okay, I have no idea what happened to Meghan and Ash between The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen but I COULD






Let me rewind and start at the beginning: I have a terrible secret. I did not like Meghan, or even Ash for the majority of the first book and for the second book. But these characters changed, became suddenly so much more badass, more fun, and way more engaging! When I say I couldn't put this down, I mean every word. I COULDN'T. Not, "I didn't want to." It caused me physical ache to take my exams rather than read this book. My mind was constantly on this book for all my tests.

I don't know what Julie Kagawa did, but after this, I am forever a fan. I will never doubt you again. EVER.

Just—I'm having a lexical gap. I can't describe my feelings. This is just one of the books you'll have to read to find out. So brilliant.