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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa 3.5 stars. I would've really liked this book were it not for Meghan Chase. I actually can't believe this is the same author that made Alison Sekemoto — she's a badass, awesome, tough vampire, and Meghan? Well, she's this wimpy, half-fey crybaby who pines after Ash every second of her life and completely disregards Puck.

Puck. How can you give up Puck? It's unforgivable.

Ash isn't even that hunk of a dude. I'm sorry, he just doesn't appeal to me like say, Alex or Tobias or even Mr. Darcy does! But I will say this: Kagawa knows how to write badass action climax scenes. They are the reason I end up giving that .5 star rating — because, yes, I'm a sucker for these endings!

But sadly, the rest of the book Meghan doesn't improve. Still hopelessly, disgustingly in love with boring, brooding Ash, and I've lost times of how much she cried.