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If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch 4 stars. Um, wow.


If You Find Me has been a relatively new book in YA, and one that has garnered a lot of high praise and attention. So, needless to say, this book held humongous expectations — and I wasn't disappointed.

If You Find Me follows the story of a fifteen-year-old Carey who only knows the workings of the woods. With a drug induced mother, Carey is left with taking care of her little sister, Jenessa. But when two strangers come and take them away from the only home they've ever known, Carey is forced realize the bitter truth of her mother and let go of her past.

Man, guys. Man. Great characterization, great relationship-building. My favorite, favorite part were probably the moments between father and daughter — the way their relationship and trust steadily grew into something like love. The only reason I rated it four stars was because the romance with Ryan was a bit off putting. I think I would've liked the story more if Carey developed her place at school — which she did, ultimately — and created lasting friendships.

But all in all, If You Find Me is a tender, heartbreaking story of a young Carey who discovers the truth that's been hidden from her her whole life and tries to fit into the world that will be her home for a long, long time.