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Born of Illusion - Teri Brown 5 stars. Firstly: let us sit down and admire that lovely, lovely, Lana Del Rey looking cover. Let us stare into those blue-green eyes and allow yourself to relax, to let the hypnosis wash over you.

And be swept away.

Born of Illusion follows the story of young illusionist Anna Van Housen whose whole life with her mother has been filled with the works — magic, illusions, séances. However strange visions of dark things have been occurring when she meets the mysterious young neighbor from below her apartment — Cole. Now as the visions become more frequent, how can Anna save herself and her mother? And can she trust the man whose eyes could quite possibly hold the secrets to everything she fears?

I've always been quite a fan of historical fiction, but more so the 19th century type, rather than the 20th century. After reading [b:The Diviners|7728889|The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)|Libba Bray|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1336424966s/7728889.jpg|10501517], which I merely enjoyed, I thought perhaps the time period was a more of a "it's me not you" type of thing. But Born of Illusion has made me doubt my decision.

Anna Van Housen was a delightful heroine to read about! I loved her personality, and the hesitance to redeem her sexy, sexy neighbor as trustworthy.

Cole was the most enjoyable character in this book for me (aside from Anna.) I craved every scene with him, whether it included romantic notions or not! I think my love for him became approved when he gave Anna flowers for an apology. (And the fact that he was nervous when he did so — known by the two dots of blush on his cheeks — gave him tremendous extra brownie points!)

Owen, another love interest(?), was also a great character to read about. Slightly mysterious and alluring, but also lots of fun and provided great entertainment. I was even tempted to root for him until ... well, Cole brought the flowers and then I just ... fell for Cole. And then there was that thing that happened later, so ...

All in all, with a fairly predictable plot but great characterization, mystery, and romance, Born of Illusion never failed to cease my boredom (I mean, I wanted to take the book with me to the shower) and made me flip pages faster than a monkey. Safe to say, I am fairly excited to get my hands on Born of Deception!