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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines 1.5 stars. So I have no idea how Fallen Too Far has a wholesome 4.35 rating, because this book was crap. Utter crap.

Some things you should know before you start reading:
This is your typical bad-boy-reformed-after-meeting-good-girl book. There is nothing in this book that isn't anything but cheesiness and cheese.

The story is so badly written, I have a hard time understanding why people love Abbi Glines's writing style so much. It's awkward and gawky.

"The sea breeze hit my face and the salty smell of the beach was unmistakable. I’d never seen the beach before. At least not in person. I’d seen pictures and movies. But the smell, it was exactly like I expected it to be."

Does that sound flowy to you? All it sounds is awkward to me.

There is barely a plot in this novel! All you get is sex, sex, and sex. (It gets tiring after a while, trust me.)

Rush loves to demand Blaire around, and has such a big ego I want freakin' punch his stupid, silver-eyed face. How can you find a man-whoring douche attractive? HOW IS THIS ATTRACTIVE?

So Rush has a big issue not fucking Blaire in the backseat of his car, but it's totally okay to do it on the stairs? Can someone please explain this logic to me? Seems to me stairs are worse than car cushions.

The story seemed rushed. After a day living in Rush's house — maybe two days, tops — Rush and Blaire are stranded alone in a kitchen and he goes to her and says something enigmatically stupid like, "Stay away from me humpa-buba, I'm dangerous." I mean, this would make sense if they were around each other all the time, but with Blaire gone the WHOLE FREAKIN' DAY job hunting, I have no idea how this sexual attraction got so strong. This was ridiculous.

I rarely give one star reviews, but so many things bothered me about this book, mostly to do with Rush and his idiotic man-whoring self. I'm sorry Sabrina, but I don't think this book was for me.