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The Diviners - Libba Bray 3 stars. While Libba Bray is probably one of the most known authors out there for her Gemma Doyle trilogy (which, yes, I did give a try at some point in my ever diminishing life), I particularly didn't feel excited for this book as others had.

Okay. That's a lie.

I was excited because there was so much excitement around this book it was hard for it not to rub off on me.

Which it did.

And caused my ever-raising hopes of pretty much bringing it down.

I really wanted to like The Diviners. I really did. The whole 1920's setting, the alcoholic ban, the time around the women's movement for political and equality rights, and just flat out: flapper fashion with a tall, dark, amazing Jericho.

Evie was kind of hard to like at first. A very risky, open heroine; I was used to timid nobodies, so it was a hard adjust. I ended up liking her, eventually - but just that. 'Eventually.' I didn't love her. And though I really enjoyed the murder scenes (psychopath alert, peoples), the details didn't chill my hear or freeze my soul. Bray has a brilliant writing style though, and I'll be tuning in to the sequel. Soon.