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Shadowlands - Kate Brian 3.5 stars. Shadowlands urged me to pick her up because of her compelling cover. I picked it up, read the summary: a murder mystery? Witness protection program that locates you to a remote island filled with parties and teenagers and, quite possibly, love? Man, sign me up.

Rory's story is a one filled with fear, paranoia, and sadness. In fact, a lot of the things started to make sense by the end — when you realize just what she is and just where she is living. I admit, reading this book at night gave me the spookies — and I don't tend to be spooked easily, but maybe there's something about a misty island with a murderer chasing after you to plunge your heart out leaving strange, little remnants everywhere. To capture you.

To kill you.

Or maybe it's just me.

All in all, Shadowlands was a compelling, heartbreaking story about the fate of Rory and her family that managed to capture my attention.