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Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter 2 stars. I probably should've listened to everybody that warned me about Alice in Zombieland because this book made me annoyed in so many ways.



So here were the problems I had:

This book isn't remotely like Alice in Wonderland. Someone please explain to me why this doesn't annoy you? Because it annoys me. A large part of me picked up this book because I thought this was a grotesque, dark version of AiW like [b:Splintered|12558285|Splintered (Splintered, #1)|A.G. Howard|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1340134213s/12558285.jpg|17562095], with a hot sexy love interest and some awesome zombie elements.

But aside from the stupid wannabe title, this book is NOT. LIKE. ALICE.

Alice was a fine heroine ... before she met Cole. Turns out, all those threats and advice from her father about strangers and zombies and monsters just flew out of her head. She meets him, and they share a mutual vision of feeling each other up and rather than being disgusted and intimidated and affronted by it like a normal human being who seems a gangster squad with beat up faces and stupid bruises, the idiot starts to fantasize about him.


Cole, aside from being your stereotypical bad-boy blue-eyed sexy hot guy with a cluuuuub and his homies, was really no better. Actually, he was a lot of the epitome of my problems. Just — just feed him to the wolves and strip him of his weapons. I used to like these cocky, arrogant fools, maybe because I always knew they had a soft side to them that was irresistible, but Cole was just — ugh. Always sending mixed signals. He was not adorable.

A lot of the plot was pretty stupid, consisting of fight scene after fight scene with no obvious conclusions as to what was going on. Not like VA, which is badassness all rolled into one. Nope. This doesn't even reach the scale. I thought the whole idea of these zombie things and fighting was pretty ridiculous. But, whatever.

Honestly, it seems a lot of people have liked this book, but there are those that have hated it as well. I won't say it's a "preference" type of book, because it's not — but maybe you're more tolerant of stupid, idiotic cheesiness. Or maybe you just really enjoyed it. Good for you. As for me ... I didn't.