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City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare update: This series is just totally losing its hype for me. Which is ironic because the movie is coming out so while everyone else is hyped up, I'm just ... bleh. I am just really tired of Jace and Clary and everyone in this. (Except maybe Isabelle.) All I'm saying is for the book to come out and get it over with.

Though I despise the release date (CLARE, Y U MAKE ME WAIT 2 YEARS!?) I think it may be for the best. I mean, as the official last book in the series (noooo~! D: I'm so bipolar [in my last review I didn't want it to continue], lolz) I think Clare would want enough time to revise and edit it carefully and meticulously so it could be close to perfection! If the book isn't amazing, glorious, spectacular, astounding, breathtaking, marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary, stunning and stupefying, then I will be very, very, very, very disappointed. Especially since she is given two years to revise this book.