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Teeth - Hannah Moskowitz 3 stars. When I first acquired Teeth, I had high expectations for this book — things about how this was a great merman book, one of the best out there, and how Moskowitz's writing was real and deep and raw and I was like Yes, this is for me. This is my book.

But this was just ... okay. Didn't hate, didn't love it.

I think maybe my main problem with the book was Rudy himself. I guess I didn't much enjoy his attitude, or the fact that he said fuck every couple of sentences for most of his dialogue. I couldn't very much connect with the characters, either — with Rudy or his family or Diana.

The character that I enjoyed, however, was Teeth. I really liked the relationship between Teeth and Rudy — depending on your view, if it could be called romantic or not — and it was very subtle and barely there. (I mean, they hardly shared a kiss.)

The ending was very ... bittersweet. Even more bitter than sweet, I guess. And that was another thing I liked — because this book was deep and dark and gritty, rather than what you would expect with mermaids.

All in all, I liked Teeth. But it definitely wasn't a favorite, and all the hype ended up disappointing me.