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Tiger's Voyage - Colleen Houck
3 stars. You see, any book in the Tiger Saga is very complicated to rate. Each of these books follow the same exact pattern, however — A quest given by Mr. Kadam, training and sexual tension/passionate confessions through most of the book, with voilà — an ending with confrontation from Lokesh that usually leaves you wanting the next book as soon as possible. For most people. Except for me.

This is how each of the books in this series so far have gone.

I kid you not. In Tiger's Quest — though I enjoyed that one a lot, dunno why — while Ren was "away," we were traveling with Kishan on one quest, instead.

And in Tiger's Voyage, we have them all. Nilima, Kadam, Kishan, Ren, Kelsey.


◦ The sexual tension is useless. USELESS. We all know who Kelsey is going to end up with in the end. IT'S SO OBVIOUS. WHY DELAY THE INEVITABLE WITH MINDLESS SEXUAL TENSION?

◦ There is little to no "action" sequences from the beginning to the end, with the confrontation with Lokesh. Except the dragon quests, but I don't count those because I did not feel the "rush" as I do when one of my heroes/heroines either a) get bitten or b) go badass on me.

◦ But Kelsey has much improved from Tiger's Curse. I didn't really much like her then. Now I like her. Ish.

All in all, Tiger's Voyage is an okay installment, but with the same straightforward plot as its predecessors. It certainly moves forward plot-wise, but not great imagination-and-something-new-wise.