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Of Poseidon - Anna Banks
3.5 stars. Buddy-read with Kaede! even though she ditched me after half the book Check out her review here.

When I first knew about Of Poseidon, I wasn't very interested in it—but the book definitely captured my attention after the fluctuating reviews came in. For me, I think this book was a type of hit-or-miss. And if I'm being truthfully honest here, I don't understand much of the one star reviews. Because it wasn't really that bad.

But this, for me, was a three star, and I'll tell you why:

Chloe. Emma's stereotypical, fake-nails-and-weave-in-her-hair black friend. Now, what are the recurring patterns of all blacks in the culture of YA (perhaps all) literature? I also didn't like Emma's lack of response to what happened.

First Person Emma & Third Person Galen. I, personally, have understood the significance of adding a Galen POV after the ending. It makes sense. What doesn't make sense to me is the fact that Emma's POV is FP, and Galen's TP? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS LOGIC.

Much more of Galen's story. As all other readers, when we have an insight into the main love interest's mind, it makes us sa-wooon. But, for me, I wanted Of Poseidon to focus much more on the humorous voice of Emma, rather than Galen. But I feel this is what it focused more on.

Galen himself. After about the first few chapters, I really liked Galen. Yet as the story moved on, we discovered a different part to him: his jealous and anger side, which resulted in hurting people around him. I am actually neutral about the subject of Galen—don't love him, don't hate him. But I've lost respect for him.

These reasons were a lot of why I rated Of Poseidon a three star; however, it had many redeeming qualities, too.

Emma. Man, Emma was probably the most enjoyable aspect of this book! She was headstrong, feisty, and didn't listen to Galen—all of which I liked. She was very independent and loved to make fun of Galen's Royalness and get under his skin.

Toraf & Rayna. I want a story about them. I WANT A STORY ABOUT THEM SO BAD.

Toraf. While I didn't much like Galen, Toraf was my hunk-a-munk. Loved, loved, loved Toraf.

Awesome but cruel cliffhanger. I totally didn't expect that coming, even though there was great foreshadowing from the author.

All in all, Of Poseidon was a delectable read, with a great sense of humour and a feisty heroine. Want a great book about mermaids? You've got one.