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Orleans - Sherri L. Smith 2.5 stars. If I have to be honest, a lot of Orleans was a flat two star for me, and I was even considering giving the book up just because I thought a lot of it was boring. I didn't particularly enjoy any parts, though, but I was struck with Fen's attitude — meaning, I loved her character. Tough, fearless, determined. Loyal, brutal, passionate — all sorts of qualities that are so hard to find in a heroine, much less executed correctly.

When Fen's tribal leader dies during birth, her last, dying wish is for Fen to take care of her Baby Girl, to give her a better life than whatever Orleans offers. Fen then decides that she must be taken over the Wall, and journeys throughout the whole book until she meets Daniel, in which a deal is struck — I'll take you to the Institute, in exchange for taking my baby over the wall. Except nothing is as it seems, years after Hurricane Jesus, and everything will be met with sacrifices.

Hint: when I say sacrifice, I mean exactly that.

So truth be told, I loved the idea that the Fever ran through blood, so the tribes of Orleans were divided into groups rather than face, race, or body type, but into blood type. Another sort of form of racism, but still a creative way to divide tribes.

And last but not least, the ending stuck with me. When Daniel went over the wall, but in exchange for Fen's life. Or so we're assumed to think.

All in all, an okay story — kind of boring, kind of lame — but with a memorable ending.