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Renegade - J.A. Souders 3.5 stars. Renegade, despite my rating, was actually a very interesting and amazing book to read about, considering its underwater/utopia/Atlantis topic — which I'm not too interested in reading about. But it was executed nicely.

Except for a couple of things.

◦ The Romance
This was a large part of the story that bothered me. Take note: in all of Evelyn Winter's sixteen years of living underwater in Elysium, she has been prepped, prepared, primed, and brainwashed into becoming the Daughter of the People. Elysium is the life she's always ever known. But within the first hundred pages, she's decided her Mother is wrong, the place where she's always grown up is wrong, and will do anything within her power to save Gavin, a Surface Dweller who she's been warned since she was young were manipulative and cunning. I expected tons of more resistance from Evelyn, and when it wasn't given, was disappointing. I enjoyed the book, but I couldn't help but notice how the romance was irking me — especially since they proclaimed their love to each other within days of meeting.

◦ The Plot
A lot of the plot, to be honest, is none. There are action scenes, and steps leading up to things, but the preparations to run away only take about the first 100 pages of the novel. The rest are Gavin and Evelyn running away, getting thwarted by Mother, running away, getting thwarted again. This continues until the very last two chapters, until, finally, the escape. (And in the meanwhile we get a glimpse of who Evelyn really is and character deaths whom I feel particularly nothing about so I guess it's all right.)

But other than these problems, I really actually enjoyed the book, like the brain washing chapters and the My life is just about perfectness (which is creepy), and how badass the real Evelyn Winters really is. So, nonetheless, I will be looking forward to Revelations.