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Butter - Erin Jade Lange 3 stars. I guess the thing that drew me to Butter was its summary, something about a fat, 423 lb. pound sixteen-year-old who was going to eat himself. To death. On live video.

Except the way I interpreted it was along the following: literally eating himself to death. Like nom nom my fingers taste so good wow there's so much blood why is there so much blood?

A bit morbid, I know. (Okay, a lot morbid.)

Except I got this: Oooh death by food! Meaning: stuffing himself. Meaning: Stuffing himself with so much food he'd either die from choking, poisoning, or extreme allergies.

Which is okay, but with what I was expecting, disappointing.

All in all, I understand the type of message Butter is sending out, and I feel it's definitely important, but this book was honorable. Great. But did I love it? No, but I liked it.