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Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer 3 stars. The book was interesting enough, as far as Jodi Picoult goes to say. I think we've established that she's more of an adult author, and the fact that she decided to do this with her daughter is a redeeming quality, if not an okay attempt.

Between the Lines was okay for me.

Interesting, yes. Oliver was cool. So was Delilah. I like how they explored lots of options, and yes, a teenager being obsessed with a picture book is kindofsortof weird, but when compared to my fictional boy obsessions, she's normal. (Juuuuuust kidding.)

And the fonts and the colors — kind of a turn-off because I didn't think it flowed well with the book (I'm a typography freak, kill me). But the pages were actually thick and filled with numerous drawings, so the novel wasn't as big as I'd originally thought. But no probs.

Th ending was cheesy. I didn't like the reasons why the characters switched their places. And yes, I know it's a "fairytale," but it was just ... I don't know. Weird. Incomplete.

Nonetheless, three stars.