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Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce 3 stars — liked it. There's a reader in me that loves and devours the tough heroines — heroines like Scarlett. In this case, I am the Big Bad Wolf.


But But But.

This story is not, ultimately, Scarlett's.

It's Rosie's.

Which was a huge disappointment for me. The chapters alternate between Rosie, the younger sister, and Scarlett, the older one. I thought we'd get both sisters' stories — a parallel plot, you know? But it definitely focused more on sixteen-year-old Rosie who desperately wants to prove herself as a eligible hunter in the eyes of her older sister. But she isn't obsessed with hunting just like Scarlett is — and sometimes want out, to not let her whole life focus on just this one aspect of chasing and killing Fenris.

Deep in my heart I know this is an original, fresh take on YA, in a way. Most authors focus on the tougher sister, the one with more fighting skill or tough scars or determined persona. But Pearce decided to write about the younger one: not as gifted as her older sister, not as obsessed, and definitely much more open to human interaction.

But I'm the Big Bad Wolf, remember? And I wanted Scarlett. Note Rosie.

Honestly, Rosie made me want to punch myself. She was an okay heroine, but damn when she cried, she cried. I kind of hated it. And her romance with Silas? Sure, it was okay and not exactly the most smoothest, but it helped her get through. While they got their happy ending, Scarlett kindofsorta maybe did — depends on how you look at it.

But in the end, it was kind of was a page turner. Enough to occupy my time. But nothing more.