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Dark Descendant - Jenna Black The first things that attracted me to Dark Descendant were 1) the author and 2) the cover.

I mean, really. You have to admit: the cover is pretty kickass.

I'm a fan of Black's YA paranormal fantasy Faeriewalker series. That was partly why I picked up this book -- I had no idea it was an adult series -- and because well ... actually, that was the only reason I picked up this series. fail

So considering that this is my first official adult series I've ever read, I'm not sure how to write a review for it. What do people judge when it comes to adult paranormal? I don't know. So I'll judge this just like I would with a YA series.

The whole descendant and hunting and Artemis thing is actually pretty cool. So is the world build-up and gods and stuff. I think Jenna Black did a great use of greek/roman/whatever mythology and combined into one.

The only thing that kind made it pretty off for me was, well ... everything. It wasn't like everything was half-assed or anything, just that NOTHING. HAPPENED.


So here I was, readingreadingreading just waiting for some kickass actionactionaction, like you know, some fight scenes and some blood and some guns.

I didn't get any.

The whole book actually takes pretty long. Nikki is discovering her powers and yet she only finds out that she has great aim and has great gut-intuition. I thought maybe with everyone chasing after her she'd, I don't know, fight but ... BLARGH.

She doesn't fight. But I guess that's fine; she's never had to, and her life changed in just a day.

Just a heads-up: This is not a romantic paranormal series. Yet, at least.